Emergency Reporting & Firefighter.com Joint Giveaway!

Emergency Reporting & Firefighter.com Joint Giveaway!

Firefighter.com is teaming up with Emergency Reporting (ER) to provide Fire, EMS, and True American Patriots 5 chances to win a Swag Bag valued at or over $100! Winners are chosen at random after the entry period is over.

Who is Emergency Reporting?

Emergency Reporting (ER) is the largest cloud-based Fire records management solution (RMS) in the world. Integrated with EMS for easy, one-report filing of NFIRS and NEMSIS data, ER provides industry-leading solutions that allow Fire & EMS departments to run their entire operations efficiently and effectively, enhancing both firefighter and citizen safety. Over 379,000 first responders at nearly 6,000 civilian Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies of all sizes – plus more than 170 DoD/military installations worldwide and large entities with self-contained Fire & EMS services like NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals and oil refineries – are supported by Emergency Reporting.

How Does the Giveaway Work?

The giveaway entry period is 4 Days- starting on August 20, 2018 and ending at mid-night on August 24, 2018. Winners will be selected after the entry period is over and will be contacted via email on Monday, August 27, 2018.

To enter, all you need to include is your name and email on the Entry Form.

The 5 giveaway winners will be selected at random and be contacted directly to retrieve a shipping address. Each entrant has equal chance in winning each of the 5 swag bags.

Show Me the Swag Bags!

Each swag bag is valued at or over $100 and includes popular products from Firefighter.com and Emergency Reporting. Each Swag Bag has a theme that is in line with the Fire, EMS or Military Industry!

Thin Red Line Package: 

“Thin Red Line” is a symbol used by fire departments to show respect for firefighters injured and killed in the line of duty. As firefighters are periled, they place their lives second to those they protect.


On Duty Essentials:

On duty essentials include what you need to stay fit and ready for action all year long. Get your gym clothes and duffle bag and hit the weights!


Off Duty Swag:

Is a first responder ever really off duty? Represent this honorable industry with “off duty” swag and show pride in your service 24/7!


Star of Life:

The highly esteemed “star of life” symbol is showcased in this themed gift pack. Represent EMS with these key essentials.


True Patriot:

Let your inner patriot shine through with this “true patriot” gift pack featuring ”united we stand” gear and swag.


From Firefighter.com and Emergency Reporting, thank you for your continued loyalty!


  • This is an awesome site. I love you guys and I have purchased many things from this site. Even though I am retired and living in the south, I maintain my medic and help when and where I can. This give away would be an awesome thing for me as a volunteer to have. Like I said, even though I am a retired firefighter/paramedic from the Boston area, Hull Massachusetts, I maintain my paramedic and help when and where I can. I have entered a thousand of these things and have never won, how sweet would this be? Thanks for all you guys do and to those still out there running into those that people run from…STAY SAFE!

    Steve Ball
  • My son is a fire cadet and plans on dual enrolling his senior year of high school to become a fire medic….I would love to surprise him with any of these awesome items….

    Sharon Greer
  • Job-well-done you have helped me to support our first responders and my 9-11 Tribute car Thanks Dale

    Dale Schultz
  • Great New Design To Your Web-Site!!!!. Great Products That You Sell. Will Continue To Order From You. Thanks.

    Paul Tiliakos
  • Thanks for this great opportunity. If i win, i’m sure my firefighter son would enjoy these lovely items! 🚒 ⛑ 👨🏽‍🚒

    Susan Seay

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