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ArmyTek Wizard v3 XP-L Magnet USB 18650 Li-Ion White

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The ArmyTek Wizard Magnet USB flashlight is one of the best on the market! This highly tactical flashlight can be...

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The ArmyTek Wizard Magnet USB flashlight is one of the best on the market! This highly tactical flashlight can be used in almost in any activity, indoor and outdoor. Do you enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, or traveling? Or perhaps you need a reliable flashlight for your home or work? The powerful ArmyTek Wizard multi-flashlight is the perfect choice, especially considering that it is both waterproof and dust/dirtproof. The efficient TIR-optics combined with impact-resistant glass lens with sapphire and anti-reflection coating ensure that the lens do not portray a tunnel vision effect, even after heavy usage. Furthermore, the body of the flashlight consists of an anti-slip rubber mat, enabling a more reliable grip and increased safety.

The flashlight can be charged through a magnetic USB that connects to the tail cap through a magnet. This allows for a possible tail-stand once the charger is removed and enhances multipurpose usage. Even better, the Armytek wizard includes a removable clip, an extremely strong lanyard cord, a headband, two spare rings, as well as a handy user manual so you can easily figure out just how awesome this incredible flashlight is!


Flashlight Specs:

  • LED light output: 1250lm 
  • OTF light output: 1000 lm
  • Beam Distance: 119 m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 3560 cd
  • LED: Cree XP-L
  • Optics: TIF-optics
  • Hotspot: 70
  • Spill: 120
  • Body material: aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Body Anti-Abrasive Finish: Premium type III hard anodizing 400 HV
  • Premium anti-slipping mat surface treatment
  • Body color: Mat Black
  • Waterproof and dustproof standard: IP68 (highest)
  • Waterproof and Submersible: 10 m
  • Power source: 1x18650 Li-Ion / 2x18350 Li-Ion 


Output levels and runtimes: 

  • 1250 lm (1.5 h)
  • 390 lm (3.8 h) 
  • 180 lm (9 h)
  • 30 lm (48 h) 
  • 3 lm (18 d)
  • .4 lm (100 d)
  • Type of mode switching: side switch
  • Type of click switch: electronic


Dimensions & Weight 

  • Length: 108mm 
  • Body diameter: 24.5mm 
  • Head diameter: 29mm 
  • Weight (without batteries): 59g 
  • Weight with batteries: 61g