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Help Now Emergency Medical Button
  • Help Now Emergency Medical Button
  • Emergency Wristband Bluetooth Button for Firefighter Families
  • Emergency Help Button Key Chain with Bluetooth
  • Safety Button for Emergency

Emergency Bluetooth Button

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The Help Now Emergency Bluetooth Companion button is an excellent gift for a firefighter’s family. It includes the button, wristband,...

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The Help Now Emergency Bluetooth Companion button is an excellent gift for a firefighter’s family. It includes the button, wristband, and keychain/pendant. No monthly service fee and a 30-Day money back guarantee.

As a firefighter, EMT and/or Paramedic, you serve and protect your community; saving lives and property when circumstances go wrong. But what about your family when your away on a 24 or 48-hour shift? When your kids or elderly parents want their independence, or when your pregnant wife is running errands or exercising? These are the circumstance when accidents happen and when your loved ones will need you the most. We know this at Firefighter.com and that is why we are happy to add the Help Now Bluetooth Companion Button to our collection.

As firefighters know, when accidents happen, the victim does not necessarily have time to find their phone, unlock it, and text or call for help. That is why the Help Now button is a popular and meaningful gift. It is waterproof, lightweight and customizable through the Help Now Alert Smartphone App that’s available for iPhone and Android. There is No Monthly Service Fee and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Bluetooth Emergency Button comes includes a wristband and pendant/keychain. Where the wristband when working out, walking the dog after work, or during your shopping trips. The keychain is great for attaching to your purse or backpack when you’re out at a bar or for when your kids are at school. The pendant can be great for elderly parents or retired firefighters to keep close. Keep one in a secure compartment in your car in case of an accident and your phone is unreachable.

How Does It Work?

The Help Now Bluetooth Companion Button works direct with the Help Now Alert App. Once you receive the Button, simply download the app, customize up to 3 contacts with there own text message and connect the Button with the App via Bluetooth. In an emergency, simply press the Companion Button and the customize text message and your current location will be sent to your contacts automatically. You can also configure the App to trigger a phone call and to send your GPS location.


  • Includes Button, Wristband, Keychain/Pendant
  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Customizable Text Messages & Contacts
  • Automatically Sends GPS Location
  • Range: up to 75 feet indoors or 300 feet outdoors
  • Requires Smartphone App Download (available on iPhone and Android)
  • Requires Bluetooth Technology
  • Works with iPhone 4 or newer; Galaxy S 4, HTC One or other Android 4.3 Bluetooth 4.0 enabled phones