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Emergency Medical Alert Pendant with Location

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The Help Now Emergency Medical Pendant with Location is a perfect gift for a firefighter’s family. It calls 911 directly...

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The Help Now Emergency Medical Pendant with Location is a perfect gift for a firefighter’s family. It calls 911 directly with 2-way communication with the 911 Operator, sends your location to 911, and includes a lanyard, belt clip and protective button cover to prevent accidental calls. No monthly service fee and a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Since the 911 Emergency Medical Pendant is simple to use, does not require a cell phone and is directly connected to your local 911 Operator, it is a no brainer for your elderly parents that like their independence. However, this tool is great for a firefighter or fireman’s family. Your cell phone is not always available when an accident, burglaries or personal attacks by a criminal happen. Keep this small Pendant in a secured accessible compartment in your car, on your bedside table or in your purse/pocket, and help is never out of reach.

As a firefighter, EMT or paramedic, you experience a variety of accidents. Those car accidents on a rural road or at night when the victim is unable to contact help because their cell phone flew out the car window and no one was around to witness. The victim must wait helplessly for someone to find them. This situation can happen to anyone- when your driving home from a long shift at the fire station, or when your loved one is alone when you’re on duty. The Medical Pendant can always be there, even when you can’t. Here at Firefighter.com, we want to support firefighters and their families, which is why we are adding this tool to our collection.

How Does It Work?

The 911 Emergency Medical Pendant is very easy to use. Simply press and hold the Help Now Button for 3 seconds to initiate a direct call to your local 911 operator. There is no middle company connection like some other Medical Pendants getting you the help you need faster.

Important information regarding use: Although 911 Emergency Medical Pendant does NOT need a Bluetooth paired cell phone, it does utilize cell phone towers to initiate the call to 911. Therefore, the device must have cell phone service to complete the call to 911.

911 Emergency Medical Pendant is a Carrier Agnostic 2g wireless device, meaning that the Pendant connects to any cell phone service tower available in the area and is not limited to one provider.

Firefighter.com suggests that you verify that you or the recipient of the device verify that cell phone service is available in the location(s) where the user spends the majority of their time and test the device accordingly. 


  • Directly Call 911 with One Button
  • Sends Location to 911 Operator
  • Call Cancel Button
  • 2-way Communication with 911 Operator
  • Water Resistant and Durable
  • Standard AAA Batteries with One Year Battery Life included
  • Includes easy detachable lanyard, belt clip, and protective button cover
  • Is a Carrier Agnostic 2g wireless device that utilizes any available cell phone tower to complete the call to 911. Is not limited to 1 service provider (Verizon, Sprint, ect.).

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