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I wanted to take a moment and tell all you out there a little bit about myself and some of the things I have gone through during my career as a firefighter paramedic.  I think we all love the thrill of the job but there are definitely some pitfalls.  I’m sure we all know of someone whose passed in the line of duty, ran a bad call on someone we know, or maybe a tragic call involving a child.  Sometimes we work through the night and have second or even third jobs to work on our off days. 

Through the years I had developed a pretty bad case of Insomnia that has only gotten worse.  In the beginning I had tried almost everything over the counter to help me get some sleep then I found myself taking a Benadryl before bed every night.  I would grow restless and anxious which built up stress, especially before a shift day.  Life had to go on and as I got older, life got more complicated with school, promotional tests and children.  I found myself telling my doctor about my restless nights and I was told I had Anxiety/Depression and was prescribed a Benzodiazepine to help relieve my anxiousness and improve my sleep and for the moment I did have improvement.  As we all know, Benzos are highly addictive and usually require an increase in dosage to get the same desired effect so throughout the years my dose increased and if I ran out of my medication I would withdraw hard.  I hated how I felt, needing to take something every night in order to relax.  I felt the medication took the life right out of me and I was scared to up my dose to get the desired effect.  In order to boost the drowsiness, I would have a few drinks with my meds to “pass out”.  It’s a downward spiral that I hated being in but without it, I just felt terrible.  After over a decade of being on Benzo’s, I decided to really quit regardless if I didn’t sleep and just see if I could get my life back. 

I was off the medication for about two months and let me tell you, I had never been worse.  The withdraw was horrific, I had extreme anxiety and was always very agitated which impacted me at work and with my kids.  I did not like who I was, I was a wreck throughout the night constantly getting up and anxious feeling my heart pounding through my chest, and it got to a point where my wife told me that she thinks its better if I just got back on the medication because she saw me struggling.  At this time, CBD oil and CBD products seem to be all over the market and from what I remember, once upon a time, way back when, those type of products really helped with sleep…usually after a pizza and ice cream 😊

As a firefighter however, we are bound by such a strict drug testing policy I was never going to touch the stuff.  It really was interesting though, reading all the benefits people reported taking CBD oil.  Improved sleep and mood, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, reduced inflammation, pain relief, I mean this stuff was like a heal all in a bottle.  Still too risky, definitely not worth my job so I decided to refill my prescription for my Benzo.  I was told by a close friend at work that he had been taking CBD oil that is THC free, and that It was safe for firefighters.  I was a little in disbelief, but he showed me the information and the CBD Isolate actually provides the same benefits but with 0 % THC, so it would be safe to use.  I decided to roll the dice and order a bottle and found that each batch is lab tested with a QR code to verify its quality and ingredients.  It even came with a THC test so you can test your own urine. 

Pretty impressive, who would go through all that trouble to ensure a product is that reliable?? 

Well it turns out that Omnia Naturals CBD oil was produced by a firefighter who understands the policies we follow.  I began taking the CBD isolate about 9 months ago and lets just say I never filled my prescription for my Benzo.  I take about to dropper full of the oil under the tongue and within ten minutes I am able to fall asleep on my own and stay asleep.  My anxiousness at night and overall agitation lessened more and more daily and finally I feel like I have a grip on my life and I’m not handcuffed to a prescription bottle.  It’s amazing how well it works, there is no grogginess in the morning and no need for an increased dosage.  That is just my experience with the product and for this reason, we brought them on to to help others that may be in a similar situation.  Honestly, I can see very easily how addiction can overwhelm a person because I was there.  First its just a little pill to sleep, then your at three times your initial dose washing it back with a six pack, then who knows what’s next?? 

All those medications, central nervous system depressants cannot be good for the body or brain long term… it just can’t.  I mean the warning label says “may cause depression or suicidal thoughts”, that is not something you want to be taking for the rest of your life. 

Anyways, this product receives 5 stars from me.  It helped me get my life together and if you have experienced any of my symptoms, I would give it a try.  This company has been vetted and stands by their testing, unlike other brands that aren’t as cautious.  If this blog helps just 1 person Ill be a happy man. 

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Be safe out there.

Jason S.

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