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Firefighter Apparel, Hats & Sunglasses

If you’re looking for firefighter, EMS or military long sleeves, sweatshirts, hats or sunglasses, you have come to the right place. See below for our collections, or check out our gift guide at the bottom of the page to assist you in buying the perfect gift.

Other Apparel Gift Guide

Not sure what is the perfect gift for your firefighter, EMS or Military/Police personnel? We have outlined each collection to assist in your decision.

Sweatshirts or Long Sleeve Shirt Collections

This is our recommended place to start if you are not sure what your looking for! This collection is designed for all firefighters, EMT or Paramedic to wear. We have a wide variety of shirt categories included: Thin Red Line, Brotherhood, Fearless, Old School, Fire Rescue, and Patriotic. The Thin Red Line shirts are bold statements of honoring the firefighters that paid the ultimate sacrifice, showing the support of all firefighters, and showing the willingness and dedication to risk ones live to save another. TRL is an extremely popular style of shirt. Brotherhood apparel are for the firemen who are true believers in the fire fighting lifestyle. It’s not ‘just a job’ for these guys, they live and breathe their lifestyle and believe in keeping the brotherhood traditions alive. Next, the shirts classified as Fearless are those that are graphically designed the show the strength, courage and perseverance of firemen. Old School is for the classic man. These shirts bring you back to the Firefighting heritage, perfect for an experienced firefighter or old soul. Fire Rescue shirts are specifically for departments that offer rescue services and the equipment that is required. Most departments are now Rescue departments, however, we suggest that you double check this before choosing a Fire Rescue gift. Last, but surely not least, are the shirts with Patriotic feel to them. Whether that’s with the American Flag or saluting the 343 firefighters of September 11th, these tees will be appreciated by any freedom loving firefighter.

Duty Apparel

On the job long sleeves, hoodies, sweatpants and gym shorts are a must for most firefighters. We offer Fire Rescue, Dept, and IAFF duty long sleeve shirts in the classic look and with the ability to customize. If you are not sure whether your gift receiver is Fire Rescue, we suggest the Fire Department duty tee for you, because “Fire Department” will be appropriate for any Fire fighter. Our IAFF duty shirts are for the International Association of Fire Fighters union members only. These are Professional paid firefighters who are also unionized. Firefighter.com is an Officially Licensed IAFF retailer and are committed to upholding the value and mission of the IAFF. Custom Duty shirts are available for Fire Rescue, Fire Dept and IAFF. Most firefighters like to customize their duty shirts with the last name and rank (Firefighter, Firefighter/EMT, Lieutenant, Chief, ect.) Although, we have many less so serious firefighters that customized with nicknames or sayings. Personalization is available for t-shirts and long sleeve shirts. Looking for short sleeve duty t-shirts? Click here: Duty T-Shirts. Also, as Duty apparel is the practical gift for the station, you may want to consider our duffel bag or toiletry bag as a combo option with the duty shirts- they are perfect for 24 or 48 hour shifts- or even a long vacation weekend. Click Here: Duffel/Toiletry Bags

Women’s Apparel

The number of female firefighters is growing. We are proud to offer a women’s performance line of apparel along with graphic shirts and sweatshirts. The performance line is great for the gym or to wear under your bunker gear to keep you warm on cool nights, or dry if up close to the fire. A great gift is buying a combo of the quick dry performance with a tank top or our wide neck sweatshirt. She will be grateful on and off duty.

Hats & Beanies

Our wide selection of styles for Hats and beanies will have you picking out a couple styles. From thin red line to fire rescue and paramedic hats, depending on your firefighter’s style, you will find the perfect gift. Adjustable and stretch to fit hats are available in one size fits most.

IAFF Hoodies

For our union brothers, these hoodies are a great gifting option for any IAFF union member. We suggest that you make sure your gift receiver is a union member before purchases an IAFF product. We have a variety of these shirts to choose from and have many available in t-shirts - see IAFF T-Shirts for more options.


Going into winter and looking for a practical gift at a great deal, this is where you should start shopping. We offer fleece lined reversible hooded jackets in Firefighter, EMS, Military and Patrotic styles that are perfect for snowy conditions at home or fire station. We also offer windbreakers for the warmer days in a variety of styles. Keep your firefighter warm this winter!

Polarized Sunglasses

Our polarized sunglasses are high quality without the price tag. Choose between 21 different frame styles then find the frame and lens color combo that is perfect for you or your firefighter. Polarized sunglasses are a great gift for any firefighter whether driving in the fire truck or hanging out at the station, sunglasses are a must have. All sunglasses are only $50 and come with a lifetime warranty.

Military & Police

Sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts for military and police personnel or supporters are an excellent choice when looking for the perfect gift. Although we are mainly fire and ems clothing store, we have a wide variety or clothing, gifts, and more for our brothers in arms. We suggest pairing a sweatshirt or long sleeve with an accompany short sleeve t-shirt or a set of barware. See Military and Police Gifts or Military and Police T-Shirts.