Firefighter & EMS Decals

Our Exterior Decals are printed on High Quality Vinyl and offers easy application. See the below gift guide to help you find the perfect style and size decal, and see product pages for application instructions.

Firefighter Decal Gift Guide:

Finding the perfect decal in the right size is not an easy choice, whether selecting the right one for you or as a Firefighter Gift. has provide the below descriptions of Decal Styles and Sizes to help you make the best choice:


Firefighter Decals- This Collection and the Related Custom Decals Collection is for any Fire Fighter. Offering unique and popular designs for Helmets and Vehicles. This is a great place to start looking for a Firefighter gift, because you can't go wrong. We have Fire Rescue, Maltese, Fire Department, Volunteer Firefighter, and popular Firefighter Animal Decals. Custom Decals Collection offers many options to include your Fire Station Number, Name, Rank, or Nickname and come in Reflective Vinyl.

IAFF Decals- This Collection and the Related Custom IAFF Decal Collection are for the International Association of Firefighters Union Members. Show your IAFF Brotherhood pride while supporting the union because is an Officially Licensed Vendor of IAFF products. We donate a percentage of each IAFF purchase to the IAFF Burn Center. Custom IAFF Decal Collection offers all sizes of decals with options to include your Name, Local Number, and more. Custom IAFF Decals are printed in Reflective Vinyl

Helmet Tets- Although most of the decals we offer come in the helmet size, 2x2 Inch or 2x3 Inch, Tet is short for Tetrahedrons and are the original helmet decal. We also offer Helmet Number and Cresent decals in this section. All Decals in the Collections are made of the highest quality reflective vinyl for Firefighter Safety. Helmet Decals make a great Firefighter Graduation Gift, Blank Helmets need Stickers!

Thin Red Line Decals- TRL Decals make a bold statement. It is the Thin Red Line of Courage. Firefighters place their lives second to those they protect. They face their own fears and grasp every ounce of courage to perform the necessary task in the most extreme conditions. Whether a firefighter, a firefighter supporter, or honoring a firefighter who paid the ultimate sacrifice, you can’t go wrong with this collection. We offer Red Line American Flag Decals to show your American Thin Red Line Support as well.

EMS & Irish Decal Collections- We separated EMS Decals and Irish Firefighter Decals out for your conveniences as these are very popular niche decals for the industry. You will find Fire Rescue, EMT and Paramedic decals for your First Responder in the EMS Decal Collections. And we all know those Irish Firefighters all too well! Irish Pride runs deeps and this section gives you access to our popular and unique Irish designs to showcase you Irish Firefighter Pride, on and off duty.

Family Decals- Looking for Wife, Son, Girl or Daughter Decals? Check the Family Collections under the Gifts Page.


2x2 Inch or 2x3 Inch– Made for Helmets. They are printed on High Quality Reflective Vinyl that meet the requirements for safety and visibility. However, this size is also great for motorcycles or adding Firefighter or Police support to your License Plate.

4x4 Inch or 3x5 Inch – These Size Decals are made for Vehicles. They are applied to the exterior of the car or truck window. No need to worry about our Exterior decals pre-maturely fading or peeling. We use the highest quality vinyl available that stands up to the weather, whether that’s extreme heat and sun rays in Florida or the icy winters up north. When you are ready to replace them, you will need to use a razor blade to remove. They are design to be removed clean, without leaving nasty reside on your Hot Rod. These also can be used on certain motorcycles, but we suggest you measure the area before purchase.

6x6 Inch -  This sizes are also Exterior Car or Truck Decals. They are equal to the 4 inch just offering a larger and bolder statement. This size is not available in all non-custom decals. This is not a motorcycle friendly size either. Custom Decals are offered in 6x6 inch and are made of Reflective Vinyl

10x10 Inch – Now we are talking about a statement. Our 10 Inch decals equal to the quality any material of our 4 inch and 6 inch sizes. These decals are typically applied to either the back window, hood or doors or either your personal vehicle, Fire Truck, or Ambulance. This size is not available in all non-custom decals. Custom Decals are offered in 10x10 inch and are made of Reflective Vinyl.

24x24 Inch – Designed for Rigs. This size is offer in every decal, although not always listed as an option. Whether under the Custom or Non-Custom Collection, this size is printed to order and are only offered in Pairs. Reflective Vinyl with Overlaminate will keep you Fire Truck or Ambulance looking clean and fire for years. If you find a decal in any collection that you would like this size, please contact customer service, we will be happy to help!