Firefighter Gifts

Our gift collections combine the gifting favorites in one place to make shopping for you or your firefighter easy. See below for our collections or check out the gift guide at the bottom of the page for assistance in buying for your fireman.

Firefighter Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect firefighter gift at a great deal? You’re in the right place. We offer a wide selection of gifting options for every firefighter, ems or military personnel. We have explained each collection to help you navigate to the right section.

Firefighter Accessories - Looking for a small token of appreciate or care for your firefighter, shop this collection for key chains, bottle opens, wallets, survival bracelets and more.

Blankets - when the Fall season is among us, our firefighter blankets sell fast. This collection offers gifts that will have your firefighter comfortable at home or the station. Many firefighters will bring their own blankets to the station for the shift, so a blanket is an excellent and practical gift options. We have also included firefighter towels within this section, also great for the station or hanging out at the pool.

Thin Red Line - All our firefighter thin red line products under one collection makes shopping easy. Thin Red Line is a strong statement of fire fighter pride and support for the brothers who risk their lives, and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Challenge Coins - Firefighter, IAFF, EMS and military challenge coins are a highly sought after product among men and women. Whether your firefighter collects, trades, takes them to the bar with fellow firefighters, or sees their coin as a token of good luck- challenge coins is a great way to give a meaningful gift to your firefighter. Picking the right coin for you is a matter of preference, we have prayer, IAFF, and other designs to choose from. We offer bronze, gold, silver, and enamel styles.

Volunteer, Retired, Irish, EMS or Family - These collections are popular searched for gifts, which is why we separated them out into their own collections. All the products available are contained under each gift collections to make shopping easy. Under the Family Gift collection, you will find Firefighter wife, mom, son, daughter, grandson, and granddaughter. You will also find our popular Pet Alert Decal to inform the first responders of the animals inside.