September 11, 2001, a day in which we shall never forget

It is hard to believe that we are upon yet another anniversary of this tragic date in history, one that has impacted this nation like no other.  A date in which an attack was made to our great nation in the city considered to be the heart of America.  An attack on freedom, an attack on our way of life, our culture and our beliefs, an attack on innocent people.  Our nation was not ready for such an event to take place, there was no plan in place for such a horrible strike.  However, everyone came together to do what we could to protect all at the ultimate price.  The Twin Towers, thought to be indestructible, and an icon for the city was they're target and it was known that if successful, the impact would remain forever.  As trained to do, all emergency personnel rushed without thought to the site of disaster and began to work to save as many lives as possible.  I could not image responding to such a call and having the mental fortitude to maintain my composure.  Many made it to safety, many were trapped, uncertainty everywhere but the firefighters continued to work.  As the towers fell, no one was safe from the impending doom.  No amount of experience, wisdom, or training could protect these first responders.  From chief level to rookie, that alarm would be their last.  As the smoke cleared, and rescue efforts continued, the nation responded and sent teams from all over to assist in rescue and recovery much like the body would respond to a devastating wound.  343 of the bravest would not return home, not including the countless others that responded and made that ultimate sacrifice.  Years later the count continues as the chronic effects of that day continues to take the lives of all those involved.  Although the impossible had been done, we were still alive.  We rebuilt, we became stronger, we became unified.  During this crazy political climate we could learn a lot from how we acted as one during that tragic time.  One thing has been pledged, and that is "WE WILL NEVER FORGET".  We will never forget the events that took place that day, we will never forget the victims, the fallen brothers and sisters of the FDNY and other emergency responders, we will never forget that no matter what our beliefs, skin color, background or race, we all bleed red white and blue.  Forever we will be changed, but not weaker, we are stronger.  We have overcome and conquered and this attests to the will of the American people.  As this anniversary approaches we give remembrance to all the fallen, but not just on this day, everyday they are remembered.  It is our duty to keep them in our hearts.  On every run we work for them.  I implore you to take a moment and give prayer for our brothers and sisters.  There will be ceremonies and events and there should not be an empty seat.  Bring your crews, friends and family, anyone at all, lets pay our respects to that tragic day that left a scar in us all. 

Share your 9/11 story or include your First Responders Name and Rank in the comments below in remembrance.

-Jason S.


  • Pete Noack

    “Never forget” no matter what you may face, whatever situation you find yourself into today. Respond to the alarm with the valor and commitment all First Respond did on this day and everyday! 9/11/01 Forever in our hearts and mind. Past President IAFF Local 4417, Station 16, Past Chief Engineer Station 12, Retired Firefighter/NREMT.

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