Community and Unity During Uncertainty

As we face month four in dealing with the Corona-virus, we have been setting precedence in the measures we are taking in order to control this pandemic.  As we settle into our “new norm” as we are told, the country has nearly come to a stop with only “essential workers” allowed to be out of their homes.  Schools, stores, parks, beaches, libraries, bars, clubs, offices have all been closed to decrease exposure of the virus and we hope it stops further spread of the disease. 

 As for South Florida, we are in week 4 of our self-quarantine but you wouldn’t tell by the numbers of new cases reported here.  We are facing many of the same problems reported on the news; not enough N95’s for healthcare workers, not enough ventilators for sick patient’s, and mainly not enough beds or healthcare providers to treat new patients. 

 With that being said, it is the will and strength of our community that allows us to overcome these problems and continue providing care to the public no matter what.  Not to say there isn’t a bit of hysteria out there with people clearing the shelves at grocery stores, but we do see a major impact coming from the community, a unity and togetherness and motivation to help each other.  We have not seen this type of unity since after the attack on 9/11. 

 Even though this time is very difficult, and many are without work and are forced to use credit to cover their bills each month and still put food on the table.  Even though these hard times have us in disarray, we continue to stay positive and seeing how we all are adapting and overcoming on social media shows me that as a nation, together we can overcome anything.  The parade style birthday celebrations, the first responders blazing sirens at the hospitals in appreciation for all the hard work our healthcare workers are doing.

Major Corporations stepping up also in assisting the fight against Covid-19.  Major factories like GM, Ford and Tesla have begun making ventilators, Facebook has said they are donating $20 million to support the Coronavirus relief efforts while Apple is contributing $15 million dollars as well as millions of masks to healthcare providers.  Many resorts are donating food, cosmetic companies have started to produce hand sanitizer to offset the high demand, Johnson and Johnson is also producing excess Isopropyl Alcohol for healthcare workers and even U-Haul has agreed to free storage for students who have been forced off campus due to the virus. 

 Small Business & Local Restaurants are also  assisting across America, donating time, money and assisting employees to retain their wages although preventive measures or complete business shutdowns affect them tremendously. These are the foundations of local communities and our amazing nation, and in times of difficulty are the ones stepping up on at the local level to help their neighbors. We’ve seen local restaurants have donation-based pricing, Family Meals and even Small Businesses using their resources to give or sell at cost Household Essentials to families in need.  

 In turn, Individuals are coming together to spread love and support to their local small businesses, restaurants, and neighbors. Sidewalk chalk messages of hope, paper hearts in the windows, or enjoying take out meals with their loved ones on open fields as picnics. We have experienced such an amazing outpouring of compassion and positive messages of appreciation daily.

 Here at, we are donating proceeds of our FFC 343 sales to help our fellow first responders in this effort. We also want to express our greatest gratitude for our new and continued customers that choose to support our firefighter family owned business and other small businesses in communities across the United States. THANK YOU!

 There is no way to account for all the companies and individuals who have stepped up to the plate, but we are grateful for everyone doing their part.  During these times of uncertainty, togetherness and generosity and thinking of others will always win.  As first responders we continue to show up no matter what dangers we may face in order to protect the community.  We signed up for the job and take an oath to be servants of the community and we will forever respond to your emergencies and provide the care that is expected of us.  That is who we are, that is our passion and to see the same desire to help throughout the community makes it worth it all.  We also want to give a shout out to our military who have been in action providing support, PPE, supplies and building hospitals all over the nation to account for the rising numbers of sick.  The country as a whole has stepped up, much like in war time when everyone was responsible in assisting the war effort.  We are at war with an invisible enemy; however, we will overcome and win this battle because we are stronger together and capable of anything.  Stay indoors, wear your masks, wash your hands and avoid touching your face, and always keep your distance.


Please share how your community is showing Unity and Compassion in the comments below!


Stay safe out there,

 Jason S. & Kelly D

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