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Shared by: Stacey

Hero's Name: Lt. Claude Audette, Miami Dade, FL

June 2021 there was a building collapse in Miami. Claude is a Lt for Miami Dade fire dept and is also on the FEMA team. He was working that night on a hazmat truck and responded to the call. Him and his team were the first ones on scene and immediately called for back up. They began to climb the collapsed part of the building looking for any survivors. Him and his team rescued a mother and daughter who were severely hurt. They couldn't get a stretcher up the rubble of concrete so they used a door to carry them down the pile. They managed to get them to a rescue vehicle and they were rushed to the hospital. Claude and his team stayed there for another 20 days searching and searching. It became a recovery instead of a rescue mission.

March 2022 the Fire department and FEMA hosted an awards ceremony. Claude and his team were getting the highest award for life saving in a disaster situation. They received a Gold medal of Valor. The person giving the awards called them all on stage. They also called up the mother and daughter whom they saved to give each one of their heroes their award. Claude said he has saved many lives and he never saw them again. This case really got to him because they were so severely broken and here they are alive and putting the medals around the necks of their heroes. Claude is my hero!

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