Strange Firefighter Rescue Stories: Rapunzel’s Fire and More

As we start to quickly head to the end of 2018, it is a great time to think of the most peculiar rescue story you’ve heard or you might have been a part of.


While you are thinking of that, we did some research and wanted to share some of the strangest, most peculiar, most mind-boggling and most mouth grinning firefighter stories of 2017.


We all know that courageously fighting blazing fires is just one of the many duties of a firefighter. Firefighters are also on call to respond to any 911 call that comes into the station.


One such call to an unnamed firehouse was the armed woman fighting a forest fighter.  What was her weapon of choice?  Something straight out of the most recent adaptation of Rapunzel: a frying pan.


Local park rangers reported a woman frantically running back and forth from a pond with a frying pan.  She was filling the pan with water then throwing it on the forest fire. She was actually able to help keep the fire under control until the local firetruck could arrive with a more efficient solution.  The firefighters could not believe their eyes and were impressed by the woman’s quick thinking and determination.


Surprisingly, the stories get even weirder. There was a man on a mission to pull as many fire alarms possible in the span of an hour. The man pulled exactly seven fire alarms. Each of the alarms had to be investigated and once he was caught you can imagine the amount of trouble he was in for wasting the firefighters time and making them unavailable to help others in need.


One last story that we hope might get you thinking.  A 19 year old precariously got her fingers stuck in a local dairy queen ice cream machine.  This soft serve nightmare could of ended differently, but fire rescue was on the scene.  The local firefighters spend hours helping relieve her anguish and carefully helped the girl to safety without the loss of any fingers.  I am sure they were rewarded generously with a double scoop of thank you.


These are some strange firefighter stories but we want to hear yours.  Please comment below!

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