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    Every firefighter needs a gear bag that works for them, which is why our mission has been to curate a range of gear bags with an appealing array of different sizes, colors, and function types - such as turnout gear bags for quick access, gear bags with wheels for easy rolling, alongside all-purpose tool bags and firefighter duffle bag. All with excellent quality and great value prices to give you the best chance of finding the perfect gear bag for your firefighter adventures. 

    9 products
    SGT Ready Bag
    SGT Delta Bravo Turnout Gear Bag
    Firefighter Mask Bag SCBA
    SCBA Mask Bag for Firefighters Back View
    SGT Magnetic Close SCBA Mask Bag
    Magnetic SCBA Mask Bag for Firefighters
    Customizable Firefighter Bag for SCBA Mask
    Customized SGT Magnetic Close SCBA Mask Bag
    Customized Black Fire Station Duffel Bag with Maltese Embroidery
    Sale price $94.99 Regular price $99.99 Save $5
    IAFF Customized Embroidered Large Duffle Bag
    Firefighter Black Duffle Bag
    Customized Black Fire Station Duffel Bag with IAFF Embroidery
    Sale price $94.99 Regular price $99.99 Save $5

    We offer everything a fire department might need, from tactical sling bags to XL turnout bags and large firefighter duffle bags. Or if you want the full firefighter gear bag package, we stock the ultimate gear bag combo. Not just any old bag can keep up with the firefighter lifestyle, which is why we only have super tough gear bags that have been quality-tested to withstand harsh and extreme conditions without becoming worn down. 

    To further help you stand out from the crowd, we know that keeping track of your gear bag in a busy fire department can be tricky, which is why we offer custom personalization on many of our products as well as the choice of bold colors such as pink gear bags to truly stand out and ensure you don’t lose your fire gear.


    Firefighter Gear Bags FAQs


    What is a turnout gear bag for firefighters?

    Turnout gear is the specialist clothing and equipment worn by firefighters when they’re on the job. And because of the harsh conditions and need for mobility that a firefighter faces, they need a turnout gear bag that can keep up with them. 

    Our turnout gear bags are created with functionality, speed, and durability at the forefront of their design so that you can get straight to saving lives without any fuss.

    How do you personalize a firefighter gear bag?

    When you click on the particular customizable gear bag that you want, you’ll be asked the font type, thread color, and text that you would like embroidered on your bag before you add it your basket. It’s as easy as that and both a great way to make your own gear bag distinguishable or treat a colleague or friend to a personal gift that they can use on the job. 

    What are tactical shoulder sling bags for firefighters?

    Our tactical bags are there to provide long-lasting protection to firefighters on-the-job, helping to speed up their job, not slow them down. This is why these gear bags are strategically designed with the practical needs of the job in mind, so for example operating the sling bag with gloves is no problem at all. 

    Our popular tactical shoulder sling gear bags feature multiple compartments, hip padding, molle loops, shoulder straps, and function as dual-purpose EMS for active shooter situations. They’re designed with the function of easy access to items, a secure fit, and the ability for firefighters and EMS responders to be extremely mobile when wearing one.


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