Firefighter & EMS Jewelry

Looking for Fire or EMS charms, bracelet, rings or earrings? Check out our collections below. Not sure of the best gift? You will find a Jewelry Gift Guide and the bottom of the page.

Jewelry Gift Guide:

Want to browse the whole selection of firefighter and ems jewelry, we suggest selecting the All Jewelry collection above. If not, we have outline the remaining collections below to assist you in finding the best gift your loved one.

EMS – This is a very sought-after collection, so we combined all sterling silver, gold, rings and fashion jewelry designed for EMS, EMT’s and Paramedics. You will find the popular Star of Life, Fire Rescue, and Caduceus designs in this collection.

Sterling Silver - This is our complete collection of Firefighter and EMS sterling silver charms and chains. Sterling silver is the most popular jewelry gift for the holidays. Our collection includes charms for your firefighter, Mizpah sets, firefighter’s wife, girl and daughter, and more. This is the suggested place to start looking for a wonderful gift for your firefighter family.

Gold - Our charms our 14k solid gold and are priced at great deals. If you really want to give an impressive gift, this is the collection to focus on. Although beautiful and popular, we only carry a small number of firefighter gold charms in stock. So if you find something you love in this collection, don’t hesitate- it may not be available for long.

Pendants, Bracelets & Rings - This collection offers a wide variety of gifts with low prices. Celtic cross pendants; volunteer, professional or paramedic rings; and jewelry for a firefighter’s wife, girlfriend, daughter or mom will be found here. This is a great collection for small tokens of appreciation or the cost-conscious shopper. Mix and match your favorite pieces to really WOW your loved one.