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What better time of the year to announce our official "FFC" brand launch than October.  With Breast Cancer Awareness in full swing, we decided to join the party with our own FFC Breast Cancer Awareness designs, available for purchase with proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness non for profit organization. As you may or may not know, is firefighter owned and operated and we are proud to keep it in house and deliver quality products to all first responders, military personnel, and healthcare providers paid or volunteer.  

The FFC brand is inspired by courage and strength and the 'never quit' attitude displayed by the 343 fallen firefighters that made the ultimate sacrifice, and all firefighters around the world that continue their duty day by day selflessly for the good of their communities.  FFC stands for, but the true meaning is FIREFIGHTER COURAGE, and the FFC brand has been created to give back to foundations in place that are available to help and treat members who have had hardships during their tour, and need assistance in their times of need.  As we are all aware, there is a distinct correlation between Cancer and firefighters and we are very proud to join the Fight For The Cure against Breast Cancer by making donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, from FFC Brand shirt sales throughout the month of October.
Our main focus with the FFC 343 brand however, will be Mental Health Awareness.  We as first responders are under crisis, with suicide rates skyrocketing and the incline of members using and becoming addicted to prescription medications, we are seeing a completely new job hazard that is quickly getting out of control.  While we understand that our contributions to the IAFF do support mental health, we are looking to go beyond and really impact this overwhelming crisis.  No longer are the days that everyone goes home is suffice, we need to do the job, do it safely and get the help we need to live out our days to the fullest and be there for our loved ones. We want to be a part of organizations that assist members getting the help they need safely, through support and positive lifestyle changes.  It seems that in our modern day of medicine, the solution to our problems are given at your local pharmacy and we believe there are better ways to address the problems we face, and avoid any chance at dependence, decreasing rates of depression, abuse and suicide. We are currently searching for national organizations that focus on proactive and preventative mental health assistance for first responders and alike that provide services for union and non-union members.  We are asking for YOUR support in our comment section for organizations you may know of.  By purchasing any FFC branded product, you are giving back to an organization that supports this mission.
Want to recommend an organization for our review that is aligned with our desired mission? Please comment below!
It is time for a change, and we are here to help pave the way.  Please join us in any way you can.  Stay strong brothers and sisters.

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  • Suzy Coronel

    Thank you for this. I run a high school ff and ems program in Fairbanks, Alaska and I’m constantly preaching safety to these kids – and we have a lot of conversation about mental health safety.

    Stay strong my friends.

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