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Shared by: Patti

Hero's Name: Unknown

My story. Years ago when I was living in Manhattan, New York, I was walking home from work. I was walking slowly because I had injured my ankle.. Behind me was a group of guys who saw how slowly I was walking and started to move in on me. luckily for me there was a firetruck that was returning to it station and they saw what was happening . . The Firemen slowed down and drove their truck to the speed of my walking. .. When these guys realized what was happening they ran away. I am very grateful for the help of those Firemen. 


Shared by: Ron, L

Hero's Name: Firefighter Miguel Baez

I wanted to pass this along. Lawrence Firefighter Miguel Baez of the Lawrence, MA Fire Department suffered horrific injuries in a motorcycle crash in 2021. He just returned to the trucks a few months ago as the 1st amputee in Massachusetts and only 4th in the U.S. Always smiling and grateful to be alive Miggy instead of ever questioning why me, he embraced that the loss was a blessing to him and that GOD had a plan for him. He really has an amazing story of survival and FAITH. He's an inspiration and l thought would like to highlight him.

Thank you, Ron L, Lawrence FD 

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  • Peter Hosey

    Unfortunately, as an EMS Chief Officer back in 1990 was the medical IC at the NYC Bronx Happy Land illegal night club fire. Prior to the merger of NYC*EMS and FDNY. EMS was the designated agency that could make a pronouncement of death. In total EMS crews made more than 85 pronouncements that terrible day. All of the souls (teenagers) were lying face up some still holding hands! The anniversary will be upon us soon and counseling for PTSD was unfortunately nonexistent and likely responsible for some of my colleagues untimely deaths.

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