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Shared by: Anonymous

"When I was 22 years old I was in an accident where a car pulled out in front of me as I was coming through a green light back home in Connecticut. My Dad was a lifelong firefighter, a Fire Chief, and the Assistant Chief at the time. He was one of the last to arrive and didn't know it was me. I am 57 years old and I can still hear his voice clearly asking, "What do we have?" as he came around one of the fire trucks, and then the panic in his voice realizing it was me. When he jumped in the passenger side, I cried like a baby. The feeling that overcame me at hearing his voice, I just won't ever forget it. He passed 30 years ago this month & it is still one of the only times I can hear his voice clearly. I was very lucky, other than whiplash, a banged up knee, some cuts and bruises I was ok. It's a very unique experience not many will have when your own Dad is one of your first responders. I will tell you he absolutely is my Hero.

I can remember being a little kid and standing outside of house fires and being so proud seeing him doing what he loved and in an instant going to complete fear that he wouldn't come back out to absolute joy and relief when he did. I thank you for the chance to tell my story and more importantly to get to remember him during this month (March) specifically. He is missed every day.

My Dad started as a Junior Fireman at the age of 17 until his passing at the age of 49 he was a Firefighter, working his way up to Fire Chief. His Funeral was at the time one of the biggest funerals for a non-dignitary Putnam, Connecticut had ever had. Local Police had to be used to get his Procession through. Fire Departments from all over the 10 town region were there. It was an honor he truly deserved, and speaks to his love and work for his Community. I miss him."


  • Ken Preston

    Thank you so much for choosing my Dad’s story, I can not tell you how much it means to me to feel like I have paid tribute to him literally the week before Father’s Day. Seeing this today as made my day. Take Care, Ken =)

  • David Sharik

    Thank you and bless you for sharing this story. There are so many stories like this all over this nation that need to be told. Told to raise the awareness of people sacrificing and sharing the talents most people do not have. To get into gritty, gory and dangerous situations to save their fellow man. I feel that loss now as well and appreciate your remembrance of your father. I am a FF/AEMT for a Eastern Kentucky VFD and full time County EMS service. My mother was a ER RN working as a charge nurse nights in Wilmington N.C.. She died this month, 40 years ago. She is the reason I do what I do today. That and the show Emergency. Thank you.

  • marco fernandez

    HONOR & RESPECT for your dad, thanks for share with us

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