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Steven J. "Cheese Burger Struble", Firefighter Chaplain

"In Nov 2021, I went to visit one of my community citizens who is also like family. Upon my visit I discovered that this person was contemplating suicide. With out any radio on scene, I alerted 911 by phone. While waiting for fellow first responders to arrive, the individual pulled a gun on me. I was able to talk him down and to get the gun away. Many times we are like David and Goliath we wear our helmets, bunker pants, and turn out coats. We have all this fancy gear and equipment. But the number 1 thing we have is Our Faith And the Word of God! That’s always the best gear to have! I pray each of us have that Faith and the Personal relationship with Jesus Christ."


  • Bob Fister

    Thank for the message. God will forever be there.

  • Rosanne Regenscheid

    Love your bravery. Always pray to Michael the Arch Angel to protect you. And of Course our All Mighty God and saviour Jesus Christ. My father and son are firemen so I love you guys!✝️❤️✝️

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