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Shared by: Art S., Retired Battalion Chief, Avondale Fire Rescue, Arizona

"As the captain of engine, 171, fire fighter, Bill Allen, and our other crew members responded to a call of an injured child. We arrived on the scene of a house, and found a young girl hanging by her tongue to the bottom of the freezer. Apparently her older sister had told her it was ice cream. As I and the other two firefighters tried to figure out what to do, I noticed Bill rifling through the drawers in the kitchen. He retrieved a turkey baster and, filling it with water, walked over, sprayed the young girls tongue, and she was freed. No harm done. As we left, we could hear the mother berating the older daughter. I never tell bad stories when people ask me, I always tell that one. Rest in peace, Bill- Vietnam, veteran, and a good firefighter/paramedic."

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  • Raymond

    I was brought up in the Fire service by a lot of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans. I consider myself fortunate to understand camaraderie from these men who helped me cut my teeth as a Volunteer firefighter in 1977 and a Proby Fireman in 1982.

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