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Shared by: Tom D., Owner & Retired Firefighter/Paramedic

    "I wanted to start the first Job Talk off by sharing a story that has stuck with me over the years.

I worked in a developing city with a rural area that was very crime ridden. After midnight one evening we got a call by PD who found a young male in a very dark and remote location slumped over in the driver side bleeding profusely from the neck. After we arrived, I walked over to the male with no movement lots of blood and before I checked for a pulse I looked at my partner and said.. 'Yep he dead'. At which time the patient turned his head looking right at me and said 'No I’m not!'… needles to say it scared the hell out of us! lol. He went there to commit suicide and nearly succeeded.

We started working him noting a laceration to the jugular. Because our our remote location we called in a helicopter. We were able to stabilize and load him up for transport.

About a month later this visitor walked into our station and immediately started crying. It was our patient. He had thought about his actions and our reassuring conversation we had with him. Because of our conversation he was determined to turn his life around.

Just a really good call with a positive outcome.

I would really like to hear from all of you because after being 20 years retired it nice to think back on those positive outcomes." - Tom

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  • Jed Dalton

    Great story Tom after Thirty years of service I’ve only had maybe Four to Five people come back to thank us.
    Which was no big deal but Still nice.

  • Janet Ferguson

    What a beautiful story. It’s always nice to make a difference in someone’s life. We were thanked many times for helping someone. I worked in a small rural community where everybody knew everybody so when you’re on the fire dept, chances are, you will know the person you are running on and they know you. It was always nice to be able to help those in need and they were comfortable with a familiar face.

  • Felix

    Encouraging story! Thanks.

  • Paul Berube

    Quite the uplifting tale. Excellent!

  • Matthew

    Always a good feeling with a patient comes back to show appreciation.

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