September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2021 - The 20th Anniversary

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As time keeps marching forward, Americans as a nation keep battling crisis after crisis.  As many of us thought we were pulling through the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Delta variant rears its ugly head giving the world another doom and gloom situation.  Like always however, we will pull through this and working together in any way possible will get us through.  Amidst all the negativity plaguing our nation, Republican or Democrat, riots/protests, vaxed or unvaxed, there is a light shining at the end of the tunnel with September being right around the corner.  During a time where our nation has never been so divided, a time where it seems many Americans are ashamed of the flag or rather kneel than stand during the National Anthem, comes September 11, probably the most tragic day in our modern history.


  The twenty-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack is right around the corner and it is a unique time for us to “NEVER FORGET”.  Now first we always remember those that passed on that tragic day along with all the first responders that put “them first” as they tried to rescue anyone they could and making the ultimate sacrifice for others.  However, we shall also never forget how our nation united as AMERICANS, brothers and sisters under the flag, overcame that tragic day.  For years after the attack, you couldn’t drive through a neighborhood without seeing an American flag displayed on the lawn, you couldn’t dream to see someone kneeling or protesting during the national anthem, it just wouldn’t happen.  There was no color, no orientation, no political one sidedness, we were just Americans and that was something that made me feel good inside and made me feel proud.


 The attacks we endured 20 years ago were devastating to our country, to the people and forever changed our lives.  Many people decided to join the military to protect us from events like that one or became a cop or firefighter because of the bravery those individuals showed sacrificing themselves for the public they serve.  That is who we are, that is the American way.  Donations came from all over, everyone did their part to heal the city, and we rebuilt the tallest building in the U.S. the Freedom Tower.  We are a nation of proud people, fighters for freedom, protectors of thy neighbor, and we stand tall under the beautiful flag. 



 Here at, based in Stuart, FL and along way from NY, that day is burnt into our memories just like yours. We were a fairly new business back then with people still warming up to the idea of “online shopping”. Our owners & staff took 100s of phone calls that day from people around the country looking for answers, ways to help, any information. Unfortunately, we were also in shock & couldn’t provide those, so did what we could in those moments- prayed, comforted those that called, and looking for ways that WE could help.


 As a company, we did find a way to help in the weeks/months afterwards. We were one of very few companies that were allowed to sell the brass cuff bracelets with the individual first responder names that perished engraved onto them. Freight loads of pallets arrived, but we could barely keep up. Every bracelet packed, was in silence. The sheer number of individual names that sacrificed themselves to save others was sobering, chilling, shocking. And at the same time, gratitude filled our hearts because with each one purchased, 100% proceeds were donated to help the heroes’ families. To see 1000’s of orders placed across the country, brought a sense of togethers, love, and appreciation for our brothers and sisters. We were so proud of a firefighter family-owned company to serve such a customer base. 


This year we are donating 100% of the proceeds from our 9/11 Never Forget Collection to 4 charities. It is so important, as a business & as a family, to support the 9/11 first responder families, and other firefighters across the country. After extensive research, we feel the below 4 charities make the most impact and thus serving the firefighter community the best. We have linked each charity’s website and encourage you to considering an additional donation to them.


As this September approaches I hope you all have a moment to remember the  tragic events that took place, say a prayer for the victims, and never forget all the brave men and women that had no fear, but only one mission, to save as many possible.  If you find yourself in NY for the 20th anniversary, take a moment to see the memorial, the museum, and the sunset ceremony performance by the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums.  It will send chills down your spine and re-energize that patriotic fire in your heart.


 If you would like to shop the 9/11 Never Forget Donation Based Collection: Click Here

 As always, Stay safe


  Jason S. & Kelly D.




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  • Scott A Thebold

    Everyone should continue to fly the American Flag and Never Forget 🇺🇸

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